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How to Create Fillable PDF Forms for Free

Making a fillable PDF form can be helpful for a variety of tasks, including data collection, surveys, questionnaires, and more. A PDF form can be made using a multitude of techniques, such as software and online tools.

Apps to create Free Fillable PDF Forms:

  1. Google Forms and PDF Candy.

  2. Jotform account

  3. LibreOffice

  4. PDFescape

Methods to create fillable PDF Forms for Free:

Here are some simple and cost-free ways to make PDF forms.

free fillable pdf form using Google form and PDF Candy - MakePixelPerfect

Free Fillable PDF Form Using Google Forms and PDF Candy:

  1. To create a fillable PDF form for free, create a Google Form with the queries and fields you want to use.

  2. After creating your Google Form, select the “Get Responses” option under the “Responses” tab. To save To save the answers as a CSV file, select the Download Responses (.csv) option. 

  3. Choose the “PDF Editor” choice from the menu on the PDF Candy website.

  4. Click the “Add file” option to upload the PDF form that you want to make fillable.

  5. After the PDF has been uploaded, choose “Form Field” from the menu on the left and the sort of field you want to include in your form.

  6. Position the form sections where they belong on the PDF.

  7. When all the required form fields have been added, select “Save changes” to store the fillable PDF form.

  8. Simply open the PDF in Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer that allows

By adhering to these simple steps, you can quickly create a fillable PDF form for free using Google Forms and PDF Candy. 

Free Fillable PDF Using Jotform

Free Fillable PDF Using Jotform:  

 You can use JotForm to make a fillable form for no cost by following these instructions:

  1. Create an account on Jotform for free.

  2. Select “Create Form” from the menu after logging in, If you already have a PDF document, you can “upload” it and begin editing. However, please note that there are some limitations to this feature. Specifically, you can only upload files up to 15 MB in size, but you can compress PDF and then upload.

  3. Pick the type of form you wish to create from the options provided.

  4. Add the required form fields using the form builder. Many different form fields are available on JotForm, including text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, dropdown menus, and more.

  5. Make any necessary changes to the form fields, such as updating the labels, including instructions or placeholder text, or establishing validation rules.

  6. Add any other components to your form, such as a logo, an image, or a video.

  7. Check the form’s preview to ensure everything is in order.

  8. When you are satisfied with your form, use the “Publish” button to make it usable.

  9. After that, you can distribute your form to others by sending them a link to it, including it on a website, or posting it on social media.

  10. Responses from people who fill out your form are gathered in your JotForm account, which is accessible at any time.

Notably, there are certain restrictions on the free edition of JotForm, such as a cap on the number of form fields you may add and a monthly submission limit of 100. You can upload files up to 15 MB in size but Jotform offers an amazing user interface that is easy to navigate. It is user-friendly, and anyone can explore the options without requiring any special skills

Fillable PDF Forms Using LibreOffice - MakePixelPerfect

Fillable PDF Forms Using LibreOffice

You can use LibreOffice to make a fillable PDF form easily for free, first download LibreOffice from their official site, Remember LibreOffice is open-source free software so you don’t to look for crack on any other website after downloading follow these steps.

  1. Create a New document in LibreOffice by opening it at the beginning.

  2. Go to “View” and use the “Form Controls” toolbar to design your form by adding text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and other form components.

  3. Create a Google Form with the queries and fields you want to use in order to make a fillable PDF form.

  4. After adding all the required form components, select “File” > “Export as PDF.”

  5. Click the “Create PDF Form” button in the “PDF Options” box.

  6. Select the form components you want to use in your fillable PDF form in the “PDF Form Settings” window. Additionally, you can modify the form’s author, description, and other characteristics.

  7. To save your fillable PDF document, click “Export.”

  8. Simply access the PDF in Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer that accepts fillable forms to begin filling out the form. The form fields can then be filled out, and a duplicate of the finished form can be saved.

Free fillable PDF Form Using PDFescape

Free fillable PDF Form Using PDFescape:  

You may use PDFescape to make a free fillable PDF form by following these steps:

  1. Visit PDFescape website.

  2. Click the “Edit Your PDF Now” button on the home page.

  3. Select the PDF file you wish to modify and click the “Upload PDF to PDFescape” button.

  4. Choose “Form Field” from the toolbar on the left after submitting the PDF file.

  5. Select the form field type, such as a text box or a checkbox, and then select the spot on the PDF where you want to put the field.

  6. Carry out step 5 again for each form field you want to include in the PDF.

  7. When all the form fields have been added, select “Save & Download” from the toolbar to download the updated PDF to your computer.

Note: The free edition of PDFescape contains several restrictions, including a 10 MB file size constraint and a ceiling on the number of pages you can edit. You can pay money to upgrade to the premium version to get rid of these restrictions.


You can easily create a fillable PDF form for free by using the websites mentioned above. However, if you require full access to your PDF files, these websites also offer paid features. Paid tools such as Adobe Acrobat DC, Nitro Pro, Foxit PhantomPDF, and PDFelement offer complete control over your PDFs. You can choose to explore them by using their free trial options.