Free Matte Painting Image Generator AI Tools

Matte painting is a fascinating art form that produces beautiful and immersive environments for movies, video games, and other media by skillfully fusing digital painting, photography, and visual effects.

As artificial intelligence has progressed, several free tools have been developed to help artists create matte paintings more quickly.

In this guide, we will delve into the world of AI-powered matte painting image generator tools and examine their features, capabilities, and ways to enhance the creative process.

Definition and evaluation of matte painting

A visual effects technique called matte painting creates realistic and complex environments for movies, video games, and other media by blending live-action footage with digitally or hand-painted images.

Matte painting, which has its roots in traditional painting, has changed with technology, moving to digital platforms for increased efficiency and flexibility.

Through this process, artists can create immersive landscapes that improve storytelling and visual experiences, whether they are realistic or imaginative.

The evaluation of matte painting involves assessing how well it blends in with live-action elements, creates authentic atmospheres, and generates the desired responses from viewers.

The success of matte painting lies in its capacity to elevate storytelling by providing visually stunning and cohesive settings.

List of Free AI-powered matte painting Image Generator Tools:

  1. Craiyon
  2. Midjourney
  3. Jasper Art
  4. Bing
  5. Adobe firefly
  6. Dall-E 2
  7. DreamStudio
  8. Generative AI by Getty Images


A free AI-powered image generator called Craiyon can produce a wide range of images, including realistic landscapes and abstract artwork. Although it is still in development, its capacity to produce fast and simple images of excellent quality has already led to its widespread popularity.


Previously known as DALL·E Mini, Craiyon is the new kid on the tech block and the best AI image generator.

Craiyon is a free AI image generator that is creating a new generation of artwork for the AI art revolution. You need to add a text prompt and see your imagination turn into reality in just a few clicks.

After entering a text prompt, users are provided with nine images. A chosen image can be enhanced, and you can even add “negative words” to make the image appear to be free of the items you entered in the “negative words” section.

While it takes longer than other AI generators to produce an image, Craiyon can perform nearly all of DALL-E 2’s functions for free.



One of the most well-known and widely used AI text-to-image generator tool is Midjourney. Midjourney is the Discord channel server that generates high-quality images with a distinct artistic style using Discord bot commands.

With the help of text prompts, users can produce beautiful, lucid images that consistently seem dark or unsettling. Some of the features of midjourney include a powerful image generator, high-quality output, and creative control to fine-tune the generated images, such as style, composition, and mood.

Jasper Art


An artificial intelligence tool called Jasper Art uses text descriptions to generate graphics. It is a feature of Jasper AI, a writing tool that assists users with language translation, content creation, and query answering.

It is powered by the Dall.E 2 image creation model developed by OpenAI. A wide range of images, such as landscapes, portraits, and abstract art, can be produced using Jasper Art.

Some of the features of Jasper Art include:

Options for keywords to generate realistic images
A dashboard for keeping old artwork
The ability to allow users to alter images using the like and dislike buttons
AI that can be trained based on user preferences
Images without a watermark
Simple image downloads
Images without a watermark
The ability to make four images

Bing (Designer, Skype, Bing Image Creator)

Microsoft also revealed Bing’s AI image generator, which uses DALL-E 3, the most recent project from OpenAI.

Microsoft’s image creator ran on a previous version of DALL-E before DALL-E 3 was released. DALL-E 3 offers better image quality, more precise prompt processing, and enhanced details within images.

The ability to use the image generator and Bing AI chatbot from the same location is this AI tool’s greatest benefit.

If the AI chatbot is available to you, you can use it to generate images by typing prompts. It is not necessary to launch a new tab for that.

As a result, by producing extensive content with all the required images in one place, you can save a ton of time in creating stunning and visually appealing images.

Adobe firefly

Using Adobe Firefly, a generative AI tool, users can generate images from text descriptions. It is a beta test component of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. A significant dataset of text and images was used to train a machine-learning model that Firefly utilized.

By using this model, Firefly can produce images that are in line with text descriptions and comprehend the connections between words and images.

Dall – E 2

Released in April 2022, DALL-E 2 is an AI image generator and the sequel to Dall-E, developed by OpenAI. When the tool receives text prompts, it generates realistic images.

Due to a fascinating feature identified as outpainting, it can zoom an image beyond its original dimensions, allowing it to create wider images in a variety of styles. When instructed, it can also replace items in an image.

Features of Dall-E 2 include It can produce different image input formats in addition to producing images from text prompts, creating pictures without violation, providing additional editing options for generated images for users, quick output, combining ideas, characteristics, and forms, outpainting (growing larger), and NL prompt-based inpainting (edits made within pre-existing images).


DreamStudio is a cloud-based image creation tool that uses Stability AI’s open-source text-to-image diffusion model, called Stable Diffusion. With the help of text descriptions, users can produce excellent images.

Though it’s still in beta testing, DreamStudio has already been used to produce a great deal of impressive artwork, such as abstract, landscape, and portrait paintings. DreamStudio has many customizable features and is user-friendly.

For instance, in addition to typing a prompt, you can: select the image style (such as “photographic,” “3D model,” etc.); Configure the height and width, incorporate a negative prompt, count the quantity of images that were produced, Select the model for creating images, and include a suggestion to produce related pictures.

Generative AI by Getty Images

Getty Images offers a tool called Generative AI that uses artificial intelligence to produce images based on text descriptions. It is powered by NVIDIA Picasso, an exclusive machine learning model that was trained exclusively on data and excellent pictures from the creative library of Getty Images.

Users then instruct the model to create imagery based on Getty Images’ content and data by using text prompt-to-image generation. Getty Images’ generative AI is a secure and ethical business-use solution that can help you embrace AI, boost your creativity, and brainstorm or refine ideas and compositions.

This is why Getty Images’ pre-shot library and Generative AI service complement each other so well and provide efficient ways for finding the perfect image for your needs, all guaranteed by Getty Images’ uncapped compensation.

The benefits of using Generative AI by Getty Images includes: you can easily access to vast library of high-quality images. You don’t have to worry about copyright violations when using the images, you generate for commercial purposes because Getty Images’ Generative AI is a commercially safe solution. You can quickly and easily create a variety of images for your project by using generative AI.


With the help of the free Chrome extension Synthesys X, you can generate new images by using the objects and patterns that are found in an existing image.


It analyzes the original image using advanced AI algorithms to identify the important details, including objects, textures, and colors. After recognizing these components, it can create a fresh image that resembles the original but has a unique twist.

Some of the key features of SynthesysX include being easy to use, powerful AI algorithms, and free to use. Synthesys X is an excellent option if you’re looking for a tool to assist you in producing unique and original artwork. It is powerful, free, and simple to use.

What is the future of AI Image Generator tools?

AI image generators are developing quickly and have the potential to revolutionize a wide range of creative and industrial sectors. Enhancing realism and details, personalized and adaptive generation, 3D image generation and manipulation, artistic exploration and style transfer, clarity and transparency, cooperation with creative workflows, ethical considerations and responsible use, accessibility, and democratization are some of the key trends that will shape AI image generation in the future. These developments will enable individuals and organizations to explore new artistic expressions, produce original and inventive visual content, and speed up the creative process. AI image generation has the potential to completely change how humans create, interpret, and engage with visual content as it develops.


These AI tools use deep learning and advanced machine learning methods to generate a variety of appealing results. It’s important to take into account aspects like usability, creative control, and the unique features that each platform offers when selecting an AI tool for image creation. Every tool has advantages and might fit a variety of creative purposes.