Piktochart Review 2024 – Best Tool for Creating Professional-Looking Infographics

Piktochart is a visual content creator that can be used to make presentations, social media graphics, posters, reports, flyers, videos, prints, and social media. Teams in HR, marketing, finance, education, non-profit, and other sectors can use it.

This content tool includes an incorporated media library with design elements, templates, and graphics. Piktochart provides features that can be used to turn different types of data into graphs, charts, and maps in order to assist teams in producing visual content.


  1. Brand customization tools
  2. Commenting features
  3. Video Editor
  4. Large library of templates
  5. High-quality infographics
  6. Millions of images and icons
  7. Data management and data visualization
  8. Stunning presentation tools
  9. Theme and brand kit integration
  10. Animation and transition
  11. Data import/export
  12. Drag and drop editor
  13. Collaboration tools

Brand customization tools

Tools for customizing brands can be used to create presentations and other types of content. Using Piktochart’s editor tool, teams can upload fonts, change the color scheme, and use a company logo. It is also possible to extract colors from a screenshot or uploaded logo.

Commenting features

With commenting features, teams can work together remotely on content creation projects. Team members can directly comment on content pieces in Piktochart, which helps speed up the review and editing processes.

Video Editor

With the video editor, users can transform video content into clips that are optimized for different social media platforms based on their preferred aspect ratio. Editing fonts, backgrounds, and text is simple, and automatic subtitles in sixty languages are available.

Large library of templates

Piktochart provides an extensive range of pre-made templates for various kinds of visual content. This facilitates getting started quickly and producing designs that look professional.

Premium infographic templates

An effective infographic can be used to illustrate a procedure, provide background information, or outline expectations for a new employee’s first day of work. You always have access to the premium infographic templates when using Piktochart.

Millions of images and icons

You can use almost four million images and icons, both paid and free, on Piktochart to incorporate them into your designs.

Data management and its visualization

The data and its visualization don’t have to be complicated or uninteresting. You can upload an Excel or CSV file, link up a Google sheet, or copy and paste your data into the graph maker.

Create a clear data visualization that effectively communicates your message from complex data. Pick from interactive maps, graphs, and charts to display your data in an easily understandable manner.

Stunning presentation tools

The online presentation creator from Piktochart is so easy to use that you don’t even need training. An internet connection is all that is required. Start with a professionally created, pre-made template that is free.

You can quickly put together polished presentations that will assist you in connecting with your audience and achieving your desired outcomes. Furthermore, all accounts—including the free plan—include collaboration tools so you can work with your team in real time.

Theme and brand kit integration

Use pre-made themes or create a consistent, on-brand visual identity by uploading fonts, color schemes, and logos.

Animation and Transitions

Your presentations or videos should incorporate subtle animations and transitions to improve audience engagement and tell a more dynamic story.

Data import and export

You can use Piktochart without having to start over with your workflow. Get your visual materials in PNG and PDF formats, then send them over to your coworkers via email. Additionally, you can use presentation software like PowerPoint to present offline by downloading your presentations as PPT files.

Drag-and-drop editor

Adding and removing elements, altering colors, and customizing your designs are all made simple with this editor.

Collaboration tools

 You can work on your designs with others using Piktochart. Others who have access to your designs can make real-time edits to them.

Overall, you can make infographics, flyers, posters, reports, newsletters, charts, and more with Piktochart, which is free to use.


Nonprofit organizations, teachers, and students can receive special pricing.


Piktochart is a feature-rich visual content creation platform that can be used by teams and individuals from different industries and levels of design experience. Its intuitive interface, extensive content library, and teamwork features enable you to quickly and effectively produce polished and captivating visuals.