Free AI Tools to Start Making Money

The use of AI is rapidly changing many aspects of our lives, including the way we work and get paid. In recent years, the development of AI-based solutions targeted at assisting businesses and individuals with problem-solving and boosting productivity has exploded.

In the digital economy, are you sick of looking for the next big thing?

Therefore, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for some great news because we have found a wealth of AI technology that will enable you to make it through the current economic downturn.

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Here, we’ve identified the top AI technologies for online revenue generation. These techniques for artificial intelligence have advanced considerably. Investigate these AI technologies to find online income!

Ways to make money using AI tools

There are innumerable videos, tweets, and articles on social media that describe how to use AI to market things and sell artwork produced by the technology.

We have listed some of the Best AI tools along with video guides and how you can earn from those tools, follow the article.

Development of AI-Powered Products/Services

 Develop and sell AI-Powered goods or services that address certain needs. For instance:

  • Create scalable chatbots powered by AI for organizations to enhance customer assistance and service.
  • Develop recommendation engines for e-commerce platforms to improve user experience and increase revenue. AI-Driven Personalized Recommendations.

Data analysis and insights

Make use of AI techniques to examine data and offer worthwhile information to organizations or individuals. For instance:

  • Provide traders and investors with AI-driven stock market analyses and forecasts.
  • Customer Behaviour Analysis: Give organizations insights into customer behavior based on AI to improve marketing plans.

AI-Enhanced Creative Services

 Combine AI with human creativity to provide one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge services. For instance:

  • Develop and promote art that has been upgraded or generated by AI algorithms.

Free AI Tools to Start Making Money

In today’s digital world, AI is everywhere, creating numerous chances for people to make more money. With advanced AI technology, even those who aren’t tech-savvy can achieve great wealth.

These AI systems offer ways to work smarter, improve operations, and enhance your financial outcomes. User-friendly yet powerful AI tools will keep you competitive in this digital age, whether you’re pursuing a new AI-focused career or seeking extra income.

Here are some top AI tools that can help you earn online. Take time to explore these tools for a thorough grasp of their workings and earning potential. We’ve also included video guides to make understanding these tools easier.

And if you are a Graphic Designer here are the Best AI Tools for you.

AI Image Enlarger

Users can increase an image’s resolution without sacrificing its quality with the aid of AI Image Enlarger.

To upscale your photographs, improve their quality by lowering noises and sharpening them, and resize them for presentations, printing, and other devices, this tool makes use of smart enhancement technologies.

AI Image Enlarger - MakePixelPerfect

The best users include freelance photographers who want to build beautiful portfolios, e-commerce companies who want to improve product photographs, and fans of anime who want to build high-resolution cartoon images.


  • Use the AI photo colorizer to add color to your monochrome photos.
  • Use a magic eraser to get rid of undesirable items and watermarks.
  • Use an AI cartoonizer to transform a snapshot of your face into a cartoon character.
  • AI noise reduction technology is available.
  • Apply redaction to provide privacy protection.

How to Make Money Using AI. Image Enlarger?

There are several ways to make money with AI. Image Enlarger, including

Promote image products

Enhance your stock photographs or graphics with this tool’s great use cases, and then make money by charging for download or subscription access to these assets.

Provide editing services for images

You can provide services to people and organizations on freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr by using this AI application. Additionally, you may provide businesses with premium printing or image optimization services.

Profit from your website or blog

In order to improve the photographs on their website or blog, freelancers can make use of the use cases of this free service. They can then monetize high-quality material through advertising, affiliate marketing, or sponsored pieces.

Unique Solutions

For companies or organizations in need of specialized image processing tools, provide unique AI image enlargement solutions. This can include models that are customized for particular sectors or use cases.

Create a mobile application

Create a mobile application that enables users to upscale photographs right from their smartphones. Implement in-app purchases to enable limitless usage or premium features.

Jasper AI

The most effective and powerful AI authoring tool you can utilize to make money is Jasper. Both short-form and long-form content production may be done quite well using this application. Using Jasper’s built-in wizards, you can create a variety of content types.

Jasper Chat is an alternative to ChatGPT. this is now equipped with a toggle for Google Search. As a result, the AI is compelled to create content using the most recent Google data. The platform within Jasper that allows you to produce top-notch AI photographs is another potent feature.


  • Commands that allow you to easily create content without using templates every time you need to compose a new portion of your article.
  • Effective long-form document editor that gives you a space to work on your articles
  • The built-in wizards in Jasper can be used to create a variety of content kinds, including blog posts, sales copy, rewrites, and more.
  • One of the better ChatGPT substitutes is Jasper Chat, which now has a toggle for Google Search. By doing this, you’ll compel the AI to produce material based on the most recent Google data.
  • This platform’s additional potent tool allows you to create excellent AI images.

Ways to earn money by using Jasper AI Tool

Outlining blog posts and planning for SEO

You may employ Jasper to assist in the creation of your outlines if you intend to market your blog writing services. You can join the conversation at the table in addition to providing skilled writing.

With DALL-E and Midjourney, Selling AI Art

This one is a little bit more original. With Jasper’s “A Thousand Words is Worth a Picture” template, you can find inspiration for picture prompts depending on the title of your blog.

You might create image prompt ideas to enter DALL-E or Midjourney if you’re searching for a more creative freelance opportunity. Finding the right combination of phrases to use when using one of these tools might be challenging at times.

Offer writing services for landing pages

When it comes to creating content for landing pages, Jasper provides a really nice template. Offer to write more captivating copy for their landing pages if you want to leverage a current company’s resources.

Using the templates in Jasper, you can earn hundreds of dollars each month. Included,

Google ads

Facebook ads

Creative stories

Product Description

Hootsuite insights

Businesses can monitor their brand and sector on social media with the aid of Hootsuite Insights, an AI-powered social media listening tool. By providing businesses with social media monitoring services, you can make money.

Hootsuite insights AI - MakePixelPerfect


  • The optimal times to publish
  • A hashtag generator
  • Content inspiration
  • Grammarly spellcheck
  • Canva templates
  • Bulk post scheduling
  • And more are all included in the social media planner

Ways to make money on social media as a creator

Partner with brands

Consider cooperating with companies that:

  • Naturally, match your personality and substance
  • Possess goods you genuinely use
  • Give your audience genuine value

Make sure the content on your social media sites still seems like you, whoever you collaborate with.

Sign up for an affiliate program

When someone purchases a product or service through one of their affiliate links (or a special promo code), the affiliate marketer receives a commission.

Three approaches exist for beginning affiliate marketing:

  • Join a network of affiliates: There are other choices where you can join numerous affiliate programs in one network, like Impact and ShareASale.
  • Join the affiliate program of a certain business: Many companies have their own affiliate programs, which frequently offer better payouts than those offered by bigger networks.
  • Present an exclusive affiliate partnership: Long-term agreements with businesses can involve specific fees and contracts that are negotiated by experienced creators.

The trend of affiliate marketing snowballs. If you don’t have a big audience at start, you generally won’t generate much money. (This isn’t always the case!) As long as you put your audience’s needs first, sharing affiliate content will pay off in the long run.

Partner Program for YouTube

With a few thousand viewers (or one particularly popular video), YouTube creators can start making a respectable income thanks to partial ad revenue and the earnings from video views. You must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours to join the program.


TensorFlow - MakePixelPerfect

A free AI tool called TensorFlow enables programmers to create machine learning models. Building machine learning models for companies and clients can bring in money.


  • Efficiently handles multi-dimensional array-based mathematical expressions
  • A strong foundation for deep learning and machine learning principles
  • Using the same code to run on both platforms, GPU/CPU computing
  • Incredibly large data volumes and high computational scalability across devices

TensorFlow is the ideal framework for machine intelligence at a production scale because to these qualities taken together.

Ways to earn money with Tensorflow:

TensorFlow Model Optimization:

Focus on improving the performance and efficiency of existing TensorFlow models for clients wishing to enhance their machine learning applications.

Build TensorFlow-based Products:

 Create and release your own software or hardware that uses TensorFlow to address practical issues. These items can be sold or used to generate income from subscriptions or advertisements.

Offer Training Workshops:

 Arrange training sessions or workshops on TensorFlow for organizations or people who wish to learn how to use the framework successfully.

Pre-trained Models for Sale:

Large datasets can be used to train and fine-tune TensorFlow models for specific tasks like sentiment analysis or object detection. Then, offer these pre-trained models for sale or license to interested companies or developers.

Content at Scale (CaS)

Perhaps Content at Scale is the newest player who is set to take over the AI writing field.

Two primary factors make this tool successful:

  • The ability to instantly create entirely original, pertinent, usable, and thorough content. (2600+ words)
  • Content that is undetectable by AI tools.

CaS is similar to a freelance writer, unlike other AI solutions for making money that serves as writing helpers. Being a human editor to polish the generated content is all that is required of you.

This tool’s patented system, which combines three distinct AI engines with NLP and semantic analysis algorithms for content development, enables it to achieve this. Additionally, it searches Google and analyzes all of the top-ranking articles.

But there’s a catch. The price of this AI tool is the highest, but I think it’s worthwhile because you may publish a 1000-word essay for as low as $10. A typical writer will charge $100 for this kind of service.

Gain Priority Access:

This resource is only accessible by invitation. To request early access to the platform, go to Content at Scale.

Ways to earn money with CaS


 If you utilize this tool and charge $200 for a 1,000-word essay, you would still make $190 for a task that takes you 30 minutes to finish.


 Make use of CaS to publish 1-2 articles daily on low-competitive keywords and generate over 500 SEO posts in your first year.

Google Bard AI

In response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google created Bard AI, a conversational AI that is currently driven by Parallel Language Model (PaLM). Bard AI is a strong tool for making money online.

It can generate text, translate languages, create many types of creative content, and provide you with helpful answers because it was trained on a sizable dataset of text and code.


  • More than 40 languages are used in the responses or in the chat with Bard.
  • Quickly polish your Bard response.
  • Bard talks are shared and pinned.
  • Give Bard a visual cue.

Make money with Google Bard

Start a blog

The creation of content more quickly is made simpler by AI chatbots like Google Bard. The upshot of this is that if you establish a blog, you can produce a lot of content to raise your search engine results and benefit your viewers.

Display advertisements, Google AdSense, sponsored content, affiliate links, or a mix of any of these methods are ways to make money from your site. Average annual earnings for bloggers are $51,971, or $4,330 each month.

Google Bard can be used to advertise your blog after it has launched. Bard can provide advice on how to develop a mailing list, work with you to produce an engaging newsletter, and even design social media campaigns to promote your blog.

Become a Content Writer

If maintaining your own blog isn’t your thing, you may utilize Bard to create content for other publications. The average hourly wage for freelance writers is $24.22, although the top 9% of earners in the industry make over $100,000 annually.

Google Bard can assist with all aspects of content writing, including job searching, cover letter writing, article planning, and SEO research.

Debug Code

Developers and programmers occasionally want support. Perhaps they are overwhelmed with work, or perhaps they are unable to go past a specific issue with their code. Bard can speed up the debugging process compared to doing it on your own. All it takes is learning the appropriate causes.

Vance AI

Vance transforms monochrome photographs into colorful ones using cutting-edge AI algorithms. If you need to quickly colorize photographs, this is a fantastic and simple application.

You don’t need to download any new software or sign up to utilize the tool. The utility is online and may be used using a straightforward user interface on your browser.

In order to colorize using Vance:

  • A webpage should be opened.
  • Drag and drop pictures into the view.
  • Give the AI five seconds.
  • Enjoy the preview of the outcome.


  • Colorizing a Photo Online. There is no requirement to install an additional utility. This software is instead accessible online.
  • Free Trial of Image Colorization. You can test out Vance AI’s photo colorization for free.
  • Uploaded Data are Safe. In order to prevent the uploaded photographs from remaining on an arbitrary server for years, the tool deletes them within 24 hours of upload.

Make money with Vance AI

Image Editing Services

 Using Vance AI tools, provide clients with image enhancement, background removal, and upscaling services. You can charge a fee for editing and enhancing a client’s visuals. Clients may include companies, photographers, e-commerce platforms, and individuals.

E-commerce Image Optimization

Work with e-commerce companies to use Vance AI’s background removal and enhancement capabilities to optimize their product photographs. Product photos of the highest quality can boost sales and improve consumer interaction.


Another helpful resource is the free online photo-coloring site Whether they are landscapes or portraits, this AI-powered online photo colorizer makes it simple to add color to old black-and-white photos.

It comes with a fresh AI image colorizer that attempts to swiftly and simply turn any grayscale image in your web browser into a full-color one. You don’t need to register or download any software to utilize the software. There is therefore no commotion.


  • Within 30 seconds, this AI Colorizer will automatically colorize your photos using AI technology.
  • It allows you to colorize any black-and-white image, including ancient family portraits, images of historic structures, and antique cityscapes.
  • Most items in your photos can easily have their original colors restored with
  • . Simply drag & drop an old photo, and AI will handle the rest.
  • With the help of this AI colorizer, you can artificially colorize photos and give your dated black-and-white pictures a fresh look.

How to earn money with

Image Colorization Services

Provide image colorization services to people, companies, or organizations who want to bring old black-and-white photographs back to life. Many people might possess priceless family photos or old photographs that they would dearly desire to view in color.

Creative Projects and Commissions

Use colorized photos in creative projects and commissions, such as book covers, graphic designs, or artistic commissions. Your projects may stand out and draw in more clients as a result of the improved visual appeal.

Educational Material

Create educational content or online courses centered on historical figures or events, using colorized photographs to increase the content’s immersion and engagement.


You may colorize pictures online for free with DeepAI colorizer, an image colorization API. It uses a deep learning algorithm that was trained on both color and black-and-white photos. The model masters the ability to add color to monochromatic images after extensive practice.

DeepAI - MakePixelPerfect

Old black-and-white photos and historical illustrations should be colored. No image can be wider than 1200px or taller than 1200px. The AI colorizer will automatically shrink the image size if the image dimensions are more than this threshold. Sadly, the website doesn’t offer a download option.

However, you can add color for nothing to your black-and-white pictures by right-clicking and saving the picture to your computer.


Automatic Colorization: Without human intervention, AI technology automatically adds color to black and white photographs.

User-Friendly Interface: The tool normally features a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to upload and colorize photographs.

Efficiency and speed: AI colorization is frequently speedy, allowing for efficient processing of numerous photos.

Cloud-Based or Local Processing: Depending on the tool, colorization may take place locally on the user’s device or on a cloud-based processing platform.

Ways to earn money by using DeepAI colorizer:

Offer services

Offer a service where you colorize old black-and-white photos for people. You could advertise your services on freelancing sites or social media and charge a fee to colorize family photos, wedding photos, etc.

Sell colorized digital artwork online

You may use DeepAI to colorize photographs or graphics that are in the public domain and sell the colored versions on stock image websites.

For the sale of colored artwork

Look into selling prints and merchandise with your designs on websites like Redbubble, Society6, and Etsy Art.

  • Seem for vintage line art and free-to-use drawings that might seem more spectacular when colored.
  • When submitting products, use keyword optimization to ensure that they show up in pertinent searches.
  • Create colorized wall art to sell on Etsy or your own website.
  • Create original wall art that you may print and frame by coloring old black-and-white pictures, maps, diagrams, etc.
  • Offer colorization services to authors or publishers reprinting old books.
  • You can colorize the photographs for them in exchange for a charge if they wish to reprint old books with black and white illustrations in color.

For books/publishers

  • Communicate with specialized publishers who are reproducing old manuals, books, catalogs, etc. Offer to colorize some samples for them.
  • To increase the quality of really old works, you might need to perform manual touch-ups. Limit your expectations.
  • If you need help polishing and improving your colorizations, think about working with a graphic designer.


An AI-generated storytelling tool is called Tome. Tome makes it unnecessary for you to spend more time creating presentations than coming up with ideas. A freelance writer may tell a compelling story using any type of content, prototypes, live embeds, 3D rendering, and more due to this storytelling style.


  • The home includes a number of useful features, including:
  • To explain a complex idea, offer to record a native video.
  • To strengthen the impact of your narrative, offer an image editor.
  • Enables interactive and live web content.
  • Without the need for blinking or pushing to zoom, it is made to accommodate every screen.
  • Enables live chat.

Ways to earn money with Tome

Sell story materials

Create your own tale content using Tome. Selling ebooks or online courses, as well as subscription-based access to your content, are all ways to make money.

Provide a narrating service

By using Tome to market your writing and storytelling talents, you may work from home and make a sizable income. To enhance the structure and style of existing content, you can also provide editing and revision services.

Profitability from your Content

Your storytelling content can be made money from in a number of ways, including advertising, affiliate marketing, and charging for access to your premium content.

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