Generate Vector Graphics from a Detailed Text Description in Illustrator in 2024

The Text to Vector Graphic Generate (beta) function in Illustrator can be used to create vector graphics from a text description.

Although this feature—driven by Adobe Firefly—is still in the early stages of development, it can now produce an extensive range of vector graphics, such as subjects, scenes, patterns, and icons.

What is a Text-to-Vector Graphics Generator in Adobe Illustrator?

Text to Vector Graphic called Generate (Beta) is a cutting-edge new feature powered by Adobe Firefly generative AI that enables Illustrator users to generate fully editable vector graphics using a simple text prompt.


Text to Vector Graphic is still in its early stages of development, and it will change further in response to user input.

Who can access Generate (beta) in Illustrator?

Generate (beta) can be found in the Illustrator app anywhere with Adobe Creative Cloud, It may not work with a cracked version. Adobe offers services designed to be safe for commercial usage; only users in China cannot access it.

Generate (Beta) – Text to Vector Graphics Vector Generator

This excellent tool can easily transform your imaginative thoughts into gorgeous vector graphics.

Describe the desired subject, scene, icon, or pattern in Illustrator, and watch as it generates several variations. Designers can then select the variation that best aligns with their artistic vision.


A step-by-step guide to Generate (beta) in Illustrator

  1. To use the Generate (beta) feature, follow these steps:
  2. Open Illustrator and create a new document.
  3. Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle on the canvas. This rectangle will be the placeholder for the vector graphic that you generate.
  4. Select the rectangle and click the Generate (beta) button in the contextual taskbar.
  5. Then, select one of the following options:
  6. Subject: It may be a shape, create a background-free vector element that you may add to your artwork or a generated scene.
  7. Scene: Generates an entire vector scene
  8. Icon: Generates a simpler vector element without a background.
  9. In the prompt field, type a description of the intended output. Choose a sample prompt from the Properties panel’s Text to Vector Graphic (beta) section.
  10. Click Generate (beta).
  11. Adjust the settings in the Properties panel:

Generate a pattern and apply it as a fill or stroke

  1. To apply the pattern to an object on the canvas, use the Selection tool to choose it, and then use the toolbar to select Fill or Stroke.
  2. Choose the Generate (beta) option from the contextual taskbar that displays. Next, choose Pattern under Select a vector graphic type.
  3. Input a description or pick a sample prompt for your pattern.
  4. Select the color settings in the Properties panel to adjust and limit the color of the output as desired.
  5. Click ‘Generate (beta)’ and choose the pattern that suits you best.
  6. Use the arrows in the contextual taskbar to assess the options and choose the one most closely matches your artwork.
  7. Previewed patterns are stored as swatches for future use.
  8. Access this feature through Window > Text to Vector Graphic (beta).


The new Text to Vector Graphic (beta) function in Adobe Illustrator creates a variety of vector graphics by combining the strength of artificial intelligence with the ease of text descriptions.

Its intuitive interface, adaptable settings, and productive processes will completely change how vector illustrations are made.

This cutting-edge feature demonstrates Adobe’s dedication to improving the creative process, and Illustrator users everywhere will undoubtedly embrace it.