Merge Layers in Photoshop

Merge layers in Photoshop

Learn to use Photoshop’s Merge Layers functions to create simpler, easy-to-use images. Merging layers is combining different layers to create a new image. Merging layers combines two or more separate layers in Photoshop into one new layer, which is made up of all the data from those layers. This replaces any data that overlaps on the lower layers with the data from the top layer, and any transparent areas remain transparent.

To merge two or more layers in photoshop, select the layers you want to merge and then Press CMD + E (Mac) or Ctrl + E (Windows) or right-click on the layers and select Merge Layers.  To select a range of layers, click on the first one, press and hold the Shift Key and click on the other end layer to merge them all.

Merge specific Layers in photoshop

To merge only specific layers in the layer panel, press and hold CMD (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) Key and select the layers one by one, then use the above method to merge them.

Merge only the Visible Layer

If you want to merge only visible layers in photoshop, hide all the other layers you don’t want to merge by clicking on the eye button. Now right-click on any visible layer and select Merge Visible.

Another option for merging layers is (Merge Down) this option allows merging the selected layer to the layer below the selected layer.

Merge Layer in a specific path or shape

Use a clipping mask to merge layers falling in a specific shape. This allows you to define the shape and boundaries of a group of layers. For example, a Circular clipping mask will create the same Circular boundaries for all the layers grouped within it. First, hide any layers you don’t want to merge. Then select the base layer, go to the menu, and choose “Layers › Clipping Mask.”

Flatten Image in the layer panel

Flatten Image option merge all the layer in the layer panel, including the hidden layers.  Even if you have hidden images, it will not keep them hidden. This option flattens all the layers and makes a single-base locked layer. Remember, these options are destructive methods to merge layers and are not reversible, so make sure you save your editing before merging your layers.