Types of Markers Typographers Used for Typography

Typography is a precise craft that demands attention to detail and precision; it is an art form that goes beyond simple letterforms. Markers are important elements in typography that help shape a text’s visual language.

In this thorough examination, we will dive into the realm of typographic markers and look at typographers’ various tools for creating captivating and powerful designs.

Types of Markers Used by Typographers

Here is the list of best markers used by typographers is as follows:

  1. Posca Paint Markers
  2. Artline Drawing System Pens
  3. SAKURA Marker Brush ARTISTICO KOI Coloring Brush
  4. Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers
  5. Kreul Solo Goya Masking Marker
  6. Winsor & Newton ProMarker
  7. Crayola Broad Line Markers
  8. Mitsubishi Pencil PEMSY5C.NO5 EMOTTs

Posca Paint Markers

With these opaque felt tip markers, you can write on many surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, glass, plaster, canvas, and more. Paint can be removed from nonporous materials, such as glass, with a scraper.

However, it will stick permanently to porous materials like paper, wood, etc. Water-based pigment ink is waterproof, lightfast, and non-toxic. Unlike alcohol-based markers, this ink won’t bleed through paper, making it perfect for colourful advertising and craft projects.


Style15 Multi-Color Markers
Ink Color Assorted
Number of Items1
Point TypeMedium


Artline Drawing System Pens

This product features high-quality technical drawing pens best suited for drafting, illustrating, and graphic design. Their metal collar protects the nib from damage and makes it suitable for use with templates or rulers.

Artline pen ink is water-resistant, fade-proof, and acid-free. It has no bad odour like other pens because its ink is xylem-free. The AP certification, which designates art materials as safe and certifies that they don’t contain any materials in sufficient amounts to be dangerous or toxic to humans, including children, or to cause either short-term or long-term health issues, attests to the safety of Artline drawing system pens.


Brand Artline
Ink ColorBlack
Number of Items6
Point TypeFine
Special Feature Water resistant


SAKURA Marker Brush ARTISTICO KOI Coloring Brush

The premium dye-based ink used to create the Koi Brush Pens is packed with odourless solvents, making it the perfect foundation for vibrant colour applications. The nylon brush tip on the pens is robust and flexible, returning to its original shape after each stroke.

This allows for the possibility of both fine drawing and painting over a large surface. For Zentangle, Zendoodle, manga, comics, fashion design, and all other coloured illustrations, Koi colouring brush pens are fantastic.


Ink Color Varied
Number of Items48
Point TypeFine
Recommended Uses for ProductColoring


Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers

Prismacolor Premier Double-Ended Art Markers let you precisely draw whatever you want in 72 vibrant colours. One end of the dual-ended design has a large chisel, and the other has a fine tip. This enables you to switch between coverage and precision with ease.

A single ink source guarantees colour consistency at both ends, and the ink is richly saturated and designed for an easy, smooth flow. Additionally, the advanced alcohol-based pigment doesn’t fade, so your creations will last.


Brand   Prismacolor
Writing Instrument Form Colored Pencil
Ink ColorAssorted
Color  Assorted Colors


Kreul Solo Goya Masking Marker

Kreul Solo Masking Marker has high-quality white font patterns, watercolor highlights, and a pen as a marker-style peel-off scratch tape in marker form. While flowing watercolor paint, exact fonts and clean lines are produced with the Solo Goya masking marker.

On the intended surface, the rubbery liquid in the pen is applied. After using the Solo Goya Aqua Paint Marker or watercolour paint, this quickly dries and can be painted over. After everything dries, it is possible to remove the scratch tape without leaving any trace.

These masking markers are quick, simple, and accurate. For those who want to combine handwritten elements with a watercolour effect, these markers are ideal.


Ink Color White
Number of Items1
Point TypeMedium
Recommended Uses for ProductDrawing, Writing


Winsor & Newton ProMarker

The superior twin-tipped Winsor & Newton Promarker is an ideal starting point for coloring with alcohol-based markers.

The colors enable a multitude of artistic applications, such as comic book art, design, illustration, and different craft-based endeavors.


Brand Winsor & Newton
Ink Color   Black
Number of Items 1
Point Type  Bold


Crayola Broad Line Markers

For a range of writing and art projects, Crayola Broad Line Markers are ideal. Their conical tips allow them to be used for both broad and fine lines, which makes them useful for outlines, coloring, and drawing.

Children, students, and artists love these markers because they are well-known for their vibrant and durable colors. Young artists and classrooms will find them to be a great choice as they are washable and non-toxic. There are twelve colors available for the markers, so artists can express themselves creatively.


Brand      Crayola
Ink ColorMulticolored
Number of Items 12
Point Type      Broad Marker
Recommended Uses for Product  Coloring, Drawing


Mitsubishi Pencil PEMSY5C.NO5 EMOTT

EMOTT is a word derived from “emotion,” which means emotions in English, meaning “expressing according to your senses and sensibility.”

This is the item that goes beyond the typical sign pen market to convey your dedication to being fashionable, tasteful, and adorable. This product features a new sign pen, which you have never seen before.

It has a basic white style in contrast with traditional signatures; owning the product itself is an expression of your lifestyle and commitment.

It is simple to incorporate the color into your everyday life because it is unified in white to highlight the color. As you write, the traditional pen tip can weaken, and the drawing line may thicken or fade. In contrast with traditional signatures, EMOTT has a pen core covering that keeps the tip from crushing and makes it strong and break-resistant.

Furthermore, the outer layer not only shields the nib and enables you to write at different angles, but it also keeps you from adjusting the width of the drawing when drawing thin lines with 0.02 inch (0.4 mm). makes use of recently developed pigment ink that is not soluble or bleedable. Suggested for use in numerous scenarios, including planner bullet journals, note-taking, sketching, and other illustrations.


Brand Mitsubishi
Ink ColorSet
Point Type  Fine
Special FeatureWater resistant
Surface RecommendationPaper



To sum up, markers plays a pivotal role in typography. So typographers can choose the tools that best unleash their creativity and make their typographic designs come to life by learning about the features of various markers.