Create PPTs in seconds using Tome AI Tool

Tome AI is a new AI tool that can make presentations for you per your preferences. Users express their concepts in the provided text bar, and the system generates slides with relevant images and texts in response to the prompt.


It draws text and graphics from both ChatGPT and DALL-E. Users of this tool currently have access to many template options.

Who created Tome AI?

Co-founders Keith Peiris and Henri Liriani created Tome AI. The well-known AI tool helps users create thorough presentations using automation and artificial intelligence by using powerful AI models made by OpenAI, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2.

What is Tome AI?

Tome AI is a simple, AI-powered tool for telling stories and quickly producing outstanding presentations. You can make amazing-looking presentations using Tome AI that can be easily seen on any screen.

Tome enables users to customize presentations by adding tables, animations, graphics, etc. Though users do not need to be experts in AI to use the platform, being more precise with the explanation or request is the key to creating superior presentations.

 The users don’t have to write descriptions, which is interesting. Tome provides audio-to-text descriptions so users can speak their instructions into the tool.

Create PPTs using Tome AI

Here are a few steps to create visually appealing slides using the Tome AI tool.

Step 1:

Go to the Tome AI tool or website.

Step 2:

Click on ‘’Get Tome for Free’’ or “Choose a plan” and log in.

Step 3:

After creating an account, establish a workplace by clicking ‘’create’’ in the upper right corner.

Step 4:

Enter a brief text description of the presentation you are hoping to watch.

Step 5:

Press Enter, and the AI tool will handle the remaining steps.

The result will be an impressive 8-page PPT with the first page as a header (what you wrote in the text), the index page following, and the next six pages with six different subjects for the same material.

If you want to make any changes, click the section of the presentation you want to edit same, like PowerPoint.

How to download ppt from Tome AI


Benefits of Tome AI

Save time and effort: You won’t have to spend time and effort looking for editing templates, searching for photos and icons, or dealing with fonts and colors. Tome AI handles everything for you in only a few seconds.

Create PPTs using visually appealing designs: You can make presentations that appear to have been designed by a professional. Tome AI uses artificial intelligence to provide design suggestions and animations that fit your content and theme. Your presentations will appear professional, reliable, and appealing.

Improves Productivity and Creativity: It gives you access to an extensive collection of presentation templates, icons, pictures, and typefaces that you may use to make your unique presentations. You may also experiment with other design ideas and animations to select the perfect ones for your slides.

Optimized content: Advanced NLP algorithms are used by Tome AI to produce valuable data that users can utilize to optimize their content for greater engagement, more traffic, and higher conversion rates.

Tome AI Pricing

This option grants up to two users per account lifetime free site access and 500 free AI credits.If invoiced yearly, each user would pay $8 each month. If not, each user must pay $10 per month.The business plan costs $29.99 per month.

Features in plans

Unlimited for individualsUnlimited Tome Creation for individualsUnlimited Tome Creation for individuals
Limited creation for 2+ peopleUnlimited Tome Creation for workspacesUnlimited Tome Creation for workspaces
500 AI credits upon sign-upAI compute credits, unlimited for individuals and workspaceAI compute credits, unlimited for individuals and workspace
——————————Export to PDFEverything in Pro plan
——————————Turn off Tome BrandingCustom tile integrations
——————————Custom logosWhite-glove template setup
——————————Priority supportWorkspace
————————————————————There is something more in this plan coming soon.

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To conclude, Tome AI is an innovative platform that uses the most recent developments in artificial intelligence to create powerful presentations.

ChatGPT and DALL-E 2’s combined power enables the creation of dynamic visual storytelling that seamlessly blends texts and images. Users can add tables, animations, graphics, and other elements to their presentations using the tome ai tool.