Revolutionary innovations in Audio Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro

SAN JOSE, California, January 16, 2024; Premiere Pro (beta) now has an intuitive new audio experience that makes editing faster and easier than ever before, saving experienced professionals valuable time and making it easy for newcomers to get the tools they need.

Adobe announced this ahead of the 2024 Sundance Film Festival. Knowing the software’s tools and interface will make it easy for you to use and generate high-quality audio.

To improve the quality of video content, audio editing is essential. It is now simpler than ever for users to achieve professional-quality video audio via Adobe Premiere Pro’s robust audio editing toolkit.

Understanding the interface and features for audio editing

Among the latest features added to Premiere Pro are interactive fade handles on timeline clips, which allow editors to easily create a range of unique audio fades by just clicking and dragging.

Additionally, editors now have one-click access to the most appropriate tools for each type of audio with the help of new AI-powered audio category tagging, which automatically recognizes and labels clips with icons for music, sound effects, ambient noise, and dialogue.

It’s now simpler to see which clips have effects, add new effects quickly, and change effect settings because of the redesigned clip badges. Improved clip colours facilitate easier viewing and manipulation of audio on the timeline, while more sophisticated and dynamic waveforms adjust dynamically in response to changes in track height.

Along with the new audio features that are currently available in Premiere Pro (beta), all Premiere Pro users will have general access to Adobe’s ground-breaking AI-powered Enhance Speech tool in February. This tool instantly eliminates unwanted noise and enhances poorly recorded dialogue.

When combined, these enhancements and innovations amount to a significant update to Premiere Pro’s audio workflow, enabling editors to produce videos with audio of the highest quality and reach their final mix with fewer clicks.

Adobe Premiere Pro’s New Audio Editing Features

Now that users have precise control over and improvement over the quality of their sound, Premiere Pro’s new audio workflows allow editors to spend more time telling engaging stories. The most recent features consist of:

Interactive fade handles:

By merely dragging clip handles to create audio fades, editors can now create custom audio transitions more quickly than before.

A new Essential Sound badge with audio category tagging

In order to give editors immediate access to the appropriate controls with just one click, AI automatically categorizes audio clips as dialogue, music, sound effects, or ambience and adds a new icon.

Effect badges

These new visual cues make it simple to identify which clips contain effects, apply new ones quickly, and launch effect parameters directly from the sequence.

Redesigned waveforms in the timeline

Waveforms strategically adjust as the track height changes on clips, and sequences are rendered easier to read with the use of gorgeous new colors.


Premiere Pro’s new audio editing features are presently accessible in beta. All users are anticipated to have access to them by February 2024.


In a nutshell, content creators should take great satisfaction in the most recent improvements made to Adobe Premiere Pro’s audio editing feature set.

The Enhance Speech tool, updated waveforms, AI-powered tagging, interactive fade handles, badge redesigns, and updated waveforms enable users to generate professional-quality audio outputs more quickly and effortlessly.

These features provide engaging opportunities to improve your audio storytelling skills regardless of experience level. With the official release date set for February 2024, these developments are anticipated to further solidify Premiere Pro’s position as the leading audio editing tool in the video production industry.