Make Pixel Perfect Artwork in Illustrator

How to make pixel perfect artwork in illustrator?


Get rid of fuzzy art and make pixel-perfect artwork in Illustrator. Sometimes, your art doesn’t fit perfectly on the pixels, resulting in an anti-alias and fuzzy effect at the edges.

This is the best feature to apply for logo designers and for people who make icons and other artwork for the web. If you don’t want fuzziness in your artwork, you have to try this feature in illustrator.

The smallest addressable unit of a raster image and fundamental parts of a display are called pixels. Therefore, the basic unit of every image you see on your screen is called pixels. The word Pixel came from two words, Picture (pix) and Elements(els). A higher resolution equates to more pixels on a monitor screen due to the direct relation between pixels and resolution.

So to make a perfect art in illustrator your vector art must fit to pixels of the screen.

Setting up with the first step

Turn on Pixel Preview

To open up Pixel Preview in Illustrator, move the cursor to top of the menu bar click on view.

Menu Bar > View

View > Pixel Preview

This will allow to edit your artwork on each pixel and help you to stick the edges of your vector perfectly to the pixels grid. At 600% of zoom level you will be able to see the Pixel grid.

Enable Snap to Pixel Option

Snap to Pixels

Before Making Pixel Perfect Artwork, enable the Snap To Pixel option.  To enable the snap to pixel option, click on view in the menu bar, move all across to the end, and click on snap to pixel.

Another way to do this is to open the properties panel without selecting any object. There are three icons next to Snap Option-click on the third one.

Make Pixel Perfect Artwork

Now select the vector object, right click on it and Make Pixel Perfect.

As you draw, paths and vector objects with straight edges automatically align to the pixel grid. Now use your crispy logo and icons on the website. Say goodbye to fuzziness.

You don’t have to worry about changing the appearance of your paths and shapes because they will align to the pixel grid as you adjust them. 

Anti-aliased artwork can easily be corrected by just shifting it. Sometimes it may not perfectly fit on the pixel grid. In that case, use the Direct Selection tool to shift the anchor point to the closest pixel grid if some anti-aliased edges are still present.

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